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Open letter to all clients of the Bendigo Tennis Academy

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On the 8/8/98, I signed on as coach here at the Bendigo Tennis Association. I was thrilled to get the appointment, and at the time I mentioned how I was moving from being a club coach (Strathdale Park for 17 years) to an Association coach which was a significant change. I signed on for 21 years, and that 21 years concludes on December 31st 2019.

It has been an honour and a privilege to be the resident coach for the Bendigo Tennis Association over that period of time.

With the conclusion of my contract, the Bendigo Tennis Association have advertised the coaching position here at the complex.

Over the past couple of months, I have been in discussions with Aidan Fitzgerald (Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach) and Brandt Fleming who are the principal coaches for Giant Tennis.
I have had a very close relationship with Aidan over the past two years through our Central Victoria Future’s Program and with Brandt Fleming (Brandt coached as a Bendigo Tennis Academy Coach here at the complex for 6 years).

Moving into 2020 I will be a part of Giant Tennis as head coach and The Bendigo Tennis Academy will align with Giant Tennis.

Giant Tennis will be applying for the position to deliver coaching here at the Fosterville Gold Tennis Centre. I will keep you updated with further developments in relation to this as they become available.

All my current clients will be receiving information about tennis lessons, for the first term in 2020 from Giant Tennis in the not too distant future.

This will include, group coaching, Hotshot tennis lessons, women’s tennis lessons, private tennis lessons and Cardio Tennis lessons.

In closing: I would just like to thank my family; Julie, Sam and Zach for all their support over my years as coach here at the Bendigo Tennis Association.

It is a huge commitment being an Association Coach and their support has been so important to me.
I would like to thank the BTA Board of management, for all their support (all the General managers I have coached under, especially Leon Retallick, which was for nine fantastic years) and a special thank-you to our current coaching line up of Jordan Hicks, Keeley Meijer, Tatum Howlett,
Taine Lang , Connor Moore , and Tom Waterson.

Thank you to all our clients, who have been a part of the Bendigo Tennis Academy coaching programs, whether it has been through group coaching, Hotshots , Private lessons , ladies classes or one of the squads, your support has inspired me to be the best coach I could be.

Thanks also to Shiree and Shane Meade at National Tiles who have sponsored the
National Tiles “Future Stars” Tennis Squad for past 15 years. The National Tiles “Future Stars” Junior development program has set the pathway for junior players moving into a squad training environment, the National Tiles Future Stars Program will be going ahead in 2020.

Many thanks to all at Tennis Australia and Tennis Victoria for the coach support, over the years they have implemented many new initiatives supporting our coaching programs, these programs lift the profile of our sport in central Victoria.

I would also like to thank local schools that have been to the complex to be a part of our coaching programs, these include, Girton Grammar , Bendigo South East , Victory College, Creek Street Christian College , Weeroona College , St.Killian’s and Camp Hill Primary school and I am very appreciative of the very long association with the St.Therese’s and Kennington Primary schools.

I look forward to working closely with Aidan Fitzgerald and Brandt Fleming as they set new challenges for all involved in the Giant Tennis programs in 2020.

Kindest regards,

Stephen Storer
Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach. 

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